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Arduino 10, uisp and the rest of us.

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

I was looking at the new arduino and the api and noticing a few things that should have been implemented a long time in the new board. Not the least of which is the reset being hooked up to the fdti chip so that you dont have to intervene to download your code. There are still a few things that I am missing. Not the least of which is the necessity of using a serial boot loader. If the boot loader uses the stk500 then you would be best off with a cheep clone like one of these.

  • (reference on work computer and not yet on my

This would pull the expenses off of the board while achieving the same convenience of not needing to reset the board every time you needed to download. I am looking at adding this to my usb serial serial thingy. Its like a 1.25 part. There are a couple of single sided board designs which use the ftdi 232RL chip. I will have some sketches up soon.

…. to be continued …

NDA Rolls (Apple Verses its Developers)

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

I have spent more of last week wondering why X-Code wasnt signing my code and loading it onto the phone than successfully

The introduction of the Iphone and the apple SDK for it seems to have created massive confusion and hurt for the two communities most effected by it.

[Moderator] Re: Controlling Preferences on iPhone

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iPhone SDK

Until an announcement is made otherwise, developers should be aware that the iPhone SDK is still under non-disclosure (section 5.3 of the iPhone Development Agreement). It can't be discussed here, or anywhere publicly. This includes other mailing lists, forums, and definitely blogs.

This situation is somewhat different than a Mac OS X release, in that a Mac OS X release includes a copy of the developer tools with the distribution. The iPhone OS 2.0 release on devices and as an upgrade does _not_ include the development tools. As a result, the SDK is not automatically considered public because the release has occurred.

Section 5.3 of the iPhone Development Agreement remains in force at this time, and will so remain until iPhone Developer Program members are specifically and personally notified by an authorized representative of Apple.

On 18-Jul-08, at 10:07 AM, Aaron L'Heureux wrote:

I have done some preliminary searching, but as I am still relatively new to the platform, I've not come up with an answer to this question. If anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

Is it possible to programmatically change system preferences on the iPhone? Say I wanted to be able to turn location services on (at the request of the user of course) or to enable Bluetooth, or toggle a few of the sound alerts. Utilitarian stuff. Can this be done from an App Store application?


Notes on Ports to Packages

Friday, October 12th, 2007


The bsd community maintains a huge collection of reviewed and stable sources for open source software. The ports collection contains a framework of Makefiles and descriptions containing enough information to build the port from source. Using the ports collection on a bsd box is as simple as changing to the port’s working directory and typing make &&make install.

The ports collection can be retrieved in one of two ways. You can get the port collection in its entirety at or you can pull the individual port from the cvs tree.$category/$port/$port.tar.gz?tarball=1

The structure of the ports tree is:

  • /usr/ports/<category>/<package>

The port’s directory itself contains the following

  • Makefile
    — Contains most of the information required to build the package. Key variables include.

    • MAKE_ENV
  • pkg-plist
    — This file contains a manifest of the files to be installed. It includes directory information and weather or not the directory should be cleared out or not.
  • pkg-descr
    — This file contains the package description
  • distinfo
    — contains the filenames, sizes and checksums for the source
  • files/
    contains any file not in the distribution and patches needed to build the file on xxxBSD

    • patch-xx



October Status

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

I have still not released an equivalent to the early summer release of WinAvr however people seem to be getting along pretty well with the January release. I am moving and I am once again without a functioning Intel system so I will probably not have a new release until thanksgiving. In the mean time I am working on automating a ports to packages script which will be used to expedite the process of building the next release.