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Excuse our dust.

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

As I am rebuilding our web server I am consolodating my nerdy stuff. This domain was origionally where I placed information on my installable package for the avr-gcc toolchain for OSX which came out of the stuff I was working on.

circuit design for fabrication

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Workshop: circuit design for fabrication (PNCA 29Nov09 1-5pm $35)



As many of you may be aware Laen has been putting together a group ordering process for circuit board fabrications somewhat like SparkFun’s BatchPCB service except with less time lag and the fabrication is done in the USA.

To introduce you to the tools needed to create circuit boards for this service (and most other circuit board services) we are presenting a workshop teaching you how to design a circuit board using Eagle PCB with an emphasis on getting designs that can be fabricated.

Workshop Time and Location

The workshop will be offered on two dates (Pick one):
* November 29th at PNCA (NW 12th and Johnson, room 205) (Google Calendar Link)
* December 5th through OpenTechSpace at Techshop (10100 SW Allen Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97005) (Google Calendar Link)

Follow-up Session:

A follow-up session will be offered on December 6th, 1pm-5pm at PNCA , to go over your designs, help with any problems, and getting them ready for submission for fabrication.

Fabrication included

Signing up for the class gets you three copies of your (up to 2 square inch) design in the December order. Designs submitted by the 10th of December will be included in this months PCB run and can be picked up at the meeting on the 21st (or mailed).

Topics covered.

  • Creating schematics
  • Organizing your files and libraries.
  • Laying out your parts effectively.
  • Routing your signals
  • Creating / finding parts that you need.
  • Documenting your board in the silkscreen
  • Using DRUs to design for a specific board fabricator
  • Using the ERC to check your designs for problems

What you will need

You should have some basic understanding of circuits but it is not critical You will need to bring a laptop which is capable of running eagle (linux,windows or mac — see The class is $35 and is limited to 30 so it is best to reserve a space in the class. Please rsvp at (eagle for fabrication)